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Guest post by team Bird&Be While many fertility journeys involve a team effort (think: donors, surrogates,
The two-week wait (TWW) – a dreaded AND highly anticipated time in any fertility journey.
Is your insulin level in check? You might be thinking, “why does it matter?” or
Sleep, Estrogen Dominance
What does estrogen domiance and sleep have to do with fertility? Did you know that
Shannon's Story
No one ever knows how long it will take them to become pregnant, but for
Fertility Challenges
Two years of fertility struggles. Too many needles and internal ultrasounds to count. Multiple failed
Reducing TTC Sex Fatigue
Reducing TTC Sex Fatigue | Sponsored Post | myMindBodyBaby Ok – THAT got your attention! 
Christina's Story
Christina's Story | Guest Post by Christina Bailey | myMindBodyBaby I have faced many fertility
Estrogen Dominance
Estrogen is a critical hormone for women, helping to control the menstrual cycle and maintain
The Silent Male Fertility Struggle
The Silent Male Fertility Struggle | Co-post by Chris Edwards | myMindBodyBaby Is your guy
To My Partner
To my partner, As we head into another tough holiday during our fertility journey, I
Progesterone Problems
Now do I have your attention? As a nutritionist, you might assume my favourite snack