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I get it.

I’ve been there. I was part of the 1 in 6 women trying to conceive.
My amazing (ok… I’m biased!) kids came after a long, heartache filled journey. I cried, I got angry and despite by background in nutrition, I still Googled everything…hoping to find answers as to why I wasn’t yet holding my baby.

And, these answers eventually came when I looked hard enough…
Over the years I went through it all – too many needles and ultrasounds to count, several IUI’s, and an IVF cycle which ended in a missed ectopic pregnant that almost cost me my life. It was then – at this incredibly low point in my life that I decided enough was enough. So, I made some big changes that would forever change the course of my life. Part of that involved identifying my blind spots – areas of my life and lifestyle that I could better support in order to increase my chance of pregnancy.

5 weeks later I was pregnant.

So here I am, welcome to my online home! It was built on the foundation of my personal experience, 15+ years of clinical experience, and resulting passion for helping others get through this crazy journey to parenthood.

Xo Michelle
Registered Nutritionist, RHN

P.S. If you are here reading this and are ready to get the support you have been looking for, simply click the button below to fill out the quick form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

MyMindBodyBaby Team

If you are here reading this and are ready to get the support you have been looking for, simply click the button below to fill out the quick form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Love Notes

I just have to say that myMindBodyBaby has been such a great support to me and I'm so thankful for the work that's been put into this. I wish I knew about it at the beginning of my journey.
IVF Patient
It's people like Michelle that help to advocate for women like me who don't know this information or the causes of infertility, that help us educate ourselves and give us the power to make changes in our lives and take back control.
Fertility Clinic Patient
I followed your program and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I did it all and I feel great! Feeling super lucky. Thank you for all your help.

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Danielle Allyne
Danielle Allyne
Working with Michelle has been really wonderful. Prior to finding Michelle I was battling the loss and grief of a miscarriage. This was my first pregnancy and to lose it was earth shattering for me. Meeting with Michelle made me feel seen, heard, and valued. In a time that felt so unsettling, Michelle made me feel better and that alone was worth joining her coaching program. She is beyond knowledgeable in things my doctors didn’t even take the time to explain to me and truly wants her clients to feel comforted and supported. I’ll always be thankful for our time together.
Janely Medina
Janely Medina
Working with Michelle has been wonderful! She has taught me soooo much about PCOS that I didn't know. Michelle has taught me the importance of advocating for myself and requesting certain bloodwork tests from my doctor. Thanks to Michelle, I have learned how to eat better and exercise for my PCOS. I have soooo much energy that I didn't have before. My sleep has improved and I notice that my blood sugars have improved. Michelle, is also someone who has helped me cope with a recent struggle of mine and boy! I am grateful to have worked with her!!
Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson
Michelle has been a breath of fresh air, helping me identify areas of fertility that are so crucial and that my doctors never picked up on or challenge. She’s helped me to get on track with my health and stay focused. She has become a guide, my calls have become my safe space and most of all she’s a person I can trust and rely on through this journey.
Kayla Meininger
Kayla Meininger
Michelle has been amazing throughout this crazy journey. She has helped me understand the importance on making sure I eat right and how it in return helps my body eating balanced meals every day. I went from drinking coffee for breakfast to having the not so good dinners to eating multiple meals a day and I feel so much better and have so much more energy. Michelle has also pushed me in the right direction on requesting certain bloodwork to help me learn more about where my body is at currently. Throughout the process I found out that my TSH levels were higher than the ideal levels and I am now on medication for my thyroid. Michelle has helped me find supplements to increase my overall energy and I feel a lot better now. Michelle has truly been a saving grace and has been so helpful throughout this journey. I highly recommend her!
nene hu
nene hu
I’m so happy I saw her post in Instagram, and joined the program. Best decision ever!!! Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in her field, she guided me through to a healthy lifestyle and saw positive changes in my mood and all. She radiate warmth and positivity and made me feel so comfortable with her. Highly recommended, Thank you Michelle🙏
Rachel Harless
Rachel Harless
I feel there isn't enough I can say to express how much this program and Michelle have changed my life for the better. Not only is Michelle a nutritionist, but she's also a friend, therapist, and life coach. I have struggled with fertility issues for so long and the changes I've made for myself and to my environment have made such an impact. Talking with someone who truly cares and makes reasonable suggestions to change what needs to be changed for the better, is something I feel everyone needs. Michelle has coached my mind and my body to a significantly better place and I know a baby is right around the corner for me. I finally feel like there is real hope for the first time and it's because of this program and Michelle.
Breanna Spriggs
Breanna Spriggs
My work with Ms. Michelle/Mind Body Baby has truly been a life changing experience!! She has been encouraging and challenges me to try new things that are beneficial to my health. I also appreciate the care that she takes to know my story, history and current barriers, in order to help from a place of understanding. It has truly made me feel safe to change from a place of hope and not guilt. ❤️❤️❤️