Reduce PCOS symptoms and improve your chance of pregnancy

The PCOS Formula

The PCOS Formula provides a clear PLAN to help you make sense of this condition and get the results you want

Are you FRUSTRATED by:

  • The overwhelming “advice” out there on how to manage PCOS?
  • The lack of a clear plan on how to best manage this condition?
  • The lack of support out there for those struggling with PCOS?
  • The uncertainty and lack of control you are feeling?

Research-based and nutritionist-designed strategies for managing PCOS symptoms and improving pregnancy outcomes

The PCOS Formula

A research-based plan designed to take the guess-work out of PCOS management

Designed by a nutritionist and doctor-recommended, this plan gives you the knowledge and tools to take control of your PCOS and improve your chance of pregnancy

Reduce symptoms like acne, hair growth, belly fat and blood work parameters with the right meal planning, exercise guidance, and supplement suggestions.

A program that gets you off the emotional rollercoaster and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own health.

Hi, I’m Michelle, your functional nutritionist and fertility expert.

After years of fertility challenges, I became passionate about helping other women realize their dream of a family.

To date, I have helped thousands of women empower themselves with research-based tools for improving pregnancy outcomes.

I know…

  • How painful fertility challenges are
  • The heartbreak that comes with each passing cycle
  • The constant worry about what the future may hold
  • Feeling like you want to do more but not sure what that is

PCOS management doesn’t need to be complicated. Let me show you how

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to jump into the driver’s seat and take an active role in managing your PCOS – to feel more confident and in control that you are taking the RIGHT steps!
  • You are done with the PCOS symptoms and are ready to feel better AND support your fertility
  • You want to get your hormones in check with lifestyle-based changes that are supported by research
  • You want a step-by-step meal system that takes the guess-work out of what to eat to best manage your PCOS once and for all!

Love Notes

I bought the PCOS plan because I had been to my doctor and he just told me to lose weight. I tried that and it didn’t work, plus my period still didn’t come back. I’ve used this program for 4 months now. After 3 months I noticed my cycles started to become more regular and I had less acne. This month I finally lost a few pounds. I think this is starting to work for me. Thank you!

Sasha, Verified PCOS Formula customer

I really loved the simplicity of this plan. I was able to understand so much more about PCOS  – what to eat, supplements I could take, and get exercise guidance.  Shout-out to the recipes. I was a little worried thinking I could never have carbs or anything delicious again, but these are amazing! 

Anonymous Verified PCOS Formula customer

“I haven’t had my period in over 1.5 years so my TTC journey has been on hold. I’ve also struggled to find someone to help me not only understand my body and my PCOS but also to help me to address my absent periods. I met Michelle and learned about myMindBodyBaby online and I’m so grateful I listened to my gut. Her guidance and support have been so amazing. My period is finally back and my acne has reduced significantly and my weight is in a healthier range!” 

K.K Verified PCOS Formula customer

Supporting women with PCOS with the right measures has been shown to not only improve PCOS and fertility but also to improve mental outlook and well-being

The PCOS Formula is a self-guided, evidence-based lifestyle program curated to provide a step-by-step plan to improve PCOS symptoms and your chance of getting pregnant.

What’s included:

  • PCOS-specific nutritional and supplement recommendations backed by research
  • PCOS-friendly meal plans + grocery lists designed by a nutritionist
  • PCOS-focused exercise guidance for improving the management of this condition
  • Supplements suggestions from a licensed Naturopath
  • Email mentorship for any questions or support needed