Giving your baby a happy, healthy start

The 1st Trimester & Beyond Formula

A baby’s development starts the moment they are conceived. Your health and wellness are the foundation for a healthy start for your baby. We got you.

Are You feeling STRESSED OUT from:
  • Trying to stay healthy and happy during your pregnancy?
  • All the pregnancy “advice” out there?
  • Worrying about the health of the baby – not to mention YOUR health?

Research-based and nutritionist-designed plan to help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy

The 1st Trimester & Beyond Formula

Feel confident you are supporting this pregnancy as best you can

Contains resources and evidence shown to reduce the risk of miscarriage

Mind-set support to help you reduce and manage feelings of worry and anxiety commonly felt in the 1st trimester

Email mentorship for any questions or support needed

Hi, I’m Michelle, your functional nutritionist and fertility expert.

After years of fertility challenges, I became passionate about helping other women realize their dream of a family.

To date, I have helped thousands of women empower themselves with research-based tools for improving pregnancy outcomes.

I know…

  • How painful fertility challenges are
  • The heartbreak that comes with each passing cycle
  • The constant worry about what the future may hold
  • Feeling like you want to do more but not sure what that is

The reason I am here, and you are reading this, is because I have found a clearer way to help with your pregnancy journey, from the first trimester and beyond.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to get through the first trimester feeling more in control, calm and confident
  • You want a blueprint on how to eat, how to move, what supplements to take and a plan that puts it all together
  • You are just so ready to meet your baby

Love Notes

“I was sooo nervous when I learned I was pregnant. I felt paralyzed with worry and fear that it would end in miscarriage again. I got this plan to help me feel more reassured I was doing what I should be to support my body and pregnancy. I found it packed with info and really enjoyed the recipes.”

Mari, Verified Customer

“I’m feeling less anxious in my 1st trimester knowing I have a safe plan to follow”

Jen, Verified Customer

“LOVED the IVF plan and still mix in the recipes with some of the new pregnancy plan (once I could eat again) after the 1st trimester. They will be staples in our meal plans moving forward too!”

Tiana, Verified Customer

A healthy lifestyle through fertility-friendly nutrition, exercise and mental well-being choices give your baby a healthy start

The 1st Trimester & Beyond Formula was created based on the latest fertility and women’s health research and is a doctor-recommended way to ensure you are incorporating healthy lifestyle choices during your pregnancy.

Women experiencing infertility who is stressed out

What's included:

  • Weekly meal plans for weeks 5-13 of your pregnancy that include easy to follow recipes (+grocery lists) packed with the right nutrients for both you and baby.
  • Substitutions for food sensitivities, allergies, cravings, and nausea available
  • Workout guidance to help you safely incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.
  • Supplementation advice
  • 1st trimester symptom management and food safety advice