Improving your egg quality can increase your chance of pregnancy

The Egg Quality Formula

The only diet shown by research to improve your egg quality

If you are ready to:
  • Be in the driver’s seat of your fertility journey
  • Support your body with the right nutrients to improve egg quality
  • Feel more confident that you are doing everything in your power to meet your baby sooner

Research-based and nutritionist-designed plan to help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy

The Egg Quality Formula

Provides a step-by-step plan to help improve your nutrition and understand the major contributing factors that can positively impact your egg quality

A 4-week meal plan + grocery lists to take the guesswork out of how to eat

A plan recommended by doctors and fertility clinics to patients, designed by a registered nutritionist

Proving peace of mind that you are eating correctly to support your chance of getting pregnant

Hi, I’m Michelle, your functional nutritionist and fertility expert.

After years of fertility challenges, I became passionate about helping other women realize their dream of a family.

To date, I have helped thousands of women empower themselves with research-based tools for improving pregnancy outcomes.

I know…

  • How painful fertility challenges are
  • The heartbreak that comes with each passing cycle
  • The constant worry about what the future may hold
  • Feeling like you want to do more but not sure what that is

The good news is that research has proven that our lifestyle and nutrition can have a tremendous impact on pregnancy and live birth rates.

This program is for you if:

  • You want step-by-step guidance on how to support your egg quality
  • You are done waiting around, you are ready for change!
  • You have been told that egg quality might be an issue for you
  • You are trying from home or doing fertility treatments
  • You are ready to feel in control, confident and hopeful about your fertility journey

Love Notes

“Hey Michelle. Just wanted to send a note. I bought your Egg Quality plan at the end of last year. I was trying to conceive for 28 months. I used this guide along with working on my sleep and I’m (nervous) and excited to tell you that I am expecting. I’m 13 weeks now and feel like I can finally start to believe this might actually happen for me. I really appreciate this resource and I hope that more women find out about this program. Thank you and God bless.”

Sara J. Age 38, Verified customer

“This guide was a lifesaver for me. I felt very in the dark about how to support my body and egg quality. I’ve never really been very health-minded so having this really gave me confidence in what I was doing. I used it to the “T” for 3 months and then was able to take the concepts and design my own menus. I had IVF after using this for 3 months and am now pregnant from my first transfer. I really feel like this helped me so much. Thank you myMindBodyBaby”.

Casey, age 34, Verified Customer

“My doctor told me my egg quality was lower where it should be for my age – I was so upset. Then she told me that I could use nutrition to help support my egg quality. I found this program online and it has been SO simple to use. And my doctor approves!”

Lianne, age 37 Verified customer

A system designed to improve your chance of pregnancy by optimizing nutrition and other key factors involved in impacting egg quality

What's included:

  • 4-weeks of simple delicious recipes (+ grocery lists) designed by a fertility-nutritionist for women trying to optimize their chance of pregnancy.
  • Hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory recipes that will take the guesswork out of what and how to eat to optimize your pregnancy potential.
  • Answers questions like “what do I eat to improve my egg quality?” and “what other lifestyle factors impact egg quality?”
  • The nutrition guide provides dietary guidance to help you easily implement small dietary tweaks that can have a big impact. It gives you research-backed specific foods that have been shown to support egg quality + guidance on making substitutions for allergies, food aversions and cravings.
  • Food tracker to help you stay on track
  • Ovo-vegetarian options available