What to do during the TWW


The two-week wait (TWW) – a dreaded AND highly anticipated time in any fertility journey.

If you have been through one too many TWW’s then you know the wait is tough – filled with nerves, dreams, moments of fear, and maybe some Googling.

And Google I did…

“how to improve the chance implantation?”

“keeping busy during the TWW”

“what foods to eat during the two-week wait?”

“what exercises are safe during TWW?”

Like everything else on my journey to motherhood, I longed for anything science-based that could propel my efforts to that next level.

And while I knew there were many variables involved in the process, I also knew that I couldn’t rest until I felt confident I was doing everything I could to make the cycle a success.

Enter the TWW Survival Guide

One of the first things we did when launching myMindBodyBaby was to create a resource that helped those struggling with the TWW (because Michelle and I both did). Of course, we wanted to provide science-backed strategies to improve the chance of implantation, but also to provide the mental support that so often is neglected during this stressful time.

And this guide provides it all! Research-based ways to improve your odds of implantation and conception, and to make it through the TWW with as much grace, hope, and empowerment as possible.

If you are looking for:

✔️ The #1 food you should be consuming during the TWW that has been shown to improve implantation rates

✔️ Safe TWW exercises that drive oxygen-rich blood to the uterus

✔️ Nutrient-dense recipes to keep you busy AND consuming the right foods for implantation and conception

✔️ Learn what the temperature of your foods has to do with implantation and what changes you can start making immediately

✔️ What foods you can eat to support progesterone production – a crucial hormone involved in implantation.

Then grab your guide here!

Two Week Wait Implantation Guide

So, if you are ready to arm yourself with science-based strategies to make the most of your next (and hopefully last) TWW, then click the link below, and let’s get started!

I’m ready!


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