The two-week wait (TWW) – a dreaded AND highly anticipated time in any fertility journey.
Is your insulin level in check? You might be thinking, “why does it matter?” or
Sleep, Estrogen Dominance
What does estrogen domiance and sleep have to do with fertility? Did you know that
Fertility Challenges
Two years of fertility struggles. Too many needles and internal ultrasounds to count. Multiple failed
Reducing TTC Sex Fatigue
Reducing TTC Sex Fatigue | Sponsored Post | myMindBodyBaby Ok – THAT got your attention! 
Estrogen Dominance
Estrogen is a critical hormone for women, helping to control the menstrual cycle and maintain
The Silent Male Fertility Struggle
The Silent Male Fertility Struggle | Co-post by Chris Edwards | myMindBodyBaby Is your guy
To My Partner
To my partner, As we head into another tough holiday during our fertility journey, I
Progesterone Problems
Now do I have your attention? As a nutritionist, you might assume my favourite snack
"Progesterone Problems: the cortisol effect" by myMindBodyBaby Did you know that stress “robs” your body
Covid-19 Vaccine
"Covid-19 Vaccine & Your Fertility" | myMindBodyBaby With the state of our global health crisis
Mother's Day
"A Letter to the Intended Mother on Mother’s Day" | myMindBodyBaby To the person striving
Ease Your Fertility Journey
You Are Not Alone: Finding Ways to Ease Your Fertility Journey | myMindBodyBaby I remember
Psychological Burden of Infertility
How many times during your fertility journey have you thought, “I can’t do this anymore”?
Prenatal Supplement
"How to Pick a Prenatal Supplement" Guest post by Dr. Jodie Peacock, Naturopath Doctor Most
"Food, Fitness, Festivities and Your Fertility" guest post by Jelena Vulic in conjunction with myMindBodyBaby
Pregnancy Test
"To Test or Not to Test? The Pregnancy Test Debate" | myMindBodyBaby | Guest Post
Ovarian Reserve
"Ovarian Reserve:  Decoding Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)" guest post by Dr. Jodie Peacock Hearing your Anti-Mullerian
Pregnancy Outcomes
"Pregnancy Outcomes with IVF and ICSI: An Embryologist Explains" Guest post by Kristen Jones, Embryologist
Not Ovulating
"Why Am I Not Ovulating? Part 2" | myMindBodyBaby In part 1 of “Why Am
Not Ovulating
"Why Am I Not Ovulating? Part 1" | myMindBodyBaby We get this question A LOT,
Fertility "Board of Directors"
"Creating Your Fertility "Board of Directors": Guest post by Elyse Ash of Fruitful Fertility How
Recurrent Miscarriage
"Recurrent Miscarriage:  Why Does it Happen?" | myMindBodyBaby Experiencing a miscarriage is devastating.  Each one
Luteal Phase Defect
"Do You Have Luteal Phase Defect?" | myMindBodyBaby According to Resolve, a national infertility association
"Secondary Infertility: What You Need to Know" | myMindBodyBaby Secondary infertility is the inability to
"A Letter to the Woman Trying to Have a Baby" | myMindBodyBaby I see the
Infertility Worries
"Your Top Infertility Worries and How to Manage Them" | myMindBodyBaby It is obvious that
Fertility Treatments
"Fertility Treatments on Hold? Here’s What to Do" | myMindBodyBaby The waiting. The wondering. The
IVF Easier
"5 Tips to Make IVF Easier" | myMindBodyBaby First, let’s be clear.  Making the decision
Getting Pregnant
"5 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Pregnant" myMindBodyBaby If you have asked yourself this
Excess Body Fat
"Weighing in on (in)Fertility: How Excess Body Fat Affects Fertility" | myMindBodyBaby A whopping 16%
"Implantation: How Does it Happen and What Can You do to Support it?" | myMindBodyBaby
"Why Having a Fertility Mentor Might Be Just What You Need" | guest post by
getting pregnant
"You aren’t getting pregnant. Now what?" | myMindBodyBaby You and your partner made the exciting
Conception Rates
"Lifestyle Factors that Affect Conception" by myMindBodyBaby It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect
Your Career
"Managing Your Career During Infertility Part 2: Advancing Your Career" | myMindBodyBaby In Part 1
"Egg Health and Fertility: 5 Ways to Support Conception" | By myMindBodyBaby Picture this. On
"Managing Your Career During Infertility Part 1: Coping in the Workplace" | myMindBodyBaby It can
Fertility Treatment
"Preparing for Fertility Treatment: Questions to Ask Your Doctor" | myMindBodyBaby Full disclosure: I love
Natural Medicine
"Natural Medicine for Fertility: Supplements, Herbs & Spices" by myMindBodyBaby Guest post by Dr. Corina
Failed IVF
"After a Failed IVF" | myMindBodyBaby There is so much that goes into the decision
hormone disruptors
"Hormonal Hellions: 5 Common Hormone Disruptors in Your Home" myMindBodyBaby Bursting out into tears for
Two Week Wait
"The Dreaded Two Week Wait: 3 Tactics to Get Through It" | myMindBodyBaby The dreaded
Fertility Clinic Waiting Room
"4 Hacks: Surviving the Fertility Clinic Waiting Room" by myMindBodyBaby We’ve all experienced the wrath
Mother's Day After Infertility
"Surviving Mother's Day After Infertility or Loss" | myMindBodyBaby Mother’s Day used to sound so
Life Choices
"The Right to Make Life Choices" | myMindBodyBaby Today is International Women’s Day and this
Understanding Female Fertility
"Conception 101: Understanding Female Fertility" | myMindBodyBaby “Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about
"Coconut Pumpkin Lactation Muffins" | If you are anything like me and live in
Male Fertility
"Nuts for Nuts and Seeds for Seeds: Top 5 Foods for Male Fertility" | mymindbodybaby
Ectopic Pregnancy
"The Day I Almost Died...My Ectopic Pregnancy" | mymindbodybaby I never wanted kids until I
Infertility Journey
"Infertility Journey: Our Long Road to Pregnancy" | myMindBodyBaby Seems so easy. First of all,
Breastfeeding Blips
"Breastfeeding Blips: 3 Ways to Increase Milk Production"| mymindbodybaby I’m going to let you in
Hair Loss
"5 Natural Ways to Help Reduce Postpartum Hair Loss" | myMindBodyBaby Hair today, gone tomorrow!