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PCOS is a complex endocrine disorder that affects 5-10% of women.  Symptoms can include gaining weight or difficulty managing your body composition, irregular or absent periods, difficulty getting pregnant, weight gain, excessive facial or body hair growth, among others.

These symptoms can be extremely frustrating and may even lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.  PCOS can become an even greater burden when you are trying to conceive.

While there is no cure for PCOS, research has shown that certain lifestyle modifications, including fitness and nutrition, can help manage the symptoms.

This program was created based on the latest PCOS and women’s health research and is a doctor-recommended way to ensure you are incorporating healthy lifestyle choices. The program will guide you through an easy to follow, no equipment-necessary PCOS-specific exercise schedule and daily meal plans (including snacks!) to help manage your PCOS symptoms.

This program includes:

  • 4 Week Meal Plan
    • Detailed step by step weekly meal plans & grocery lists with Nutritional Diary to help you stay on course
    • Easy to follow, scalable recipes that can be used to nourish the whole family
    • Nutritional guidance to help set you up for long term nutritional success
    • Substitutions for allergies, food aversions, and cravings
    • Supplementation advice
  • Exercise Calendar:
    • Workouts specifically designed to help PCOS patients manage body composition
    • Workout tracker to help keep you accountable!
    • Easy to follow plans with fun & energizing full-length exercise videos to keep you motivated
    • Modifications available for all exercises to work with all fitness levels and physical restrictions
  • Mental Wellbeing Support
    • Researched based guidance to provide the lifestyle support you need to manage your PCOS
    • Support tools to help reduce the mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety, that are associated with PCOS
    • Inspiration & motivation to stick with a doctor-recommended program
    • Access to a private Facebook Group to connect with others

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