In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Fitness and Nutrition Guide


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Research has shown that women with higher levels of stress have reduced fecundability.  Infertility and fertility treatments themselves cause stress – women report feeling stressed at the loss of control of their body, life plans, and even daily schedule. They have anxiety about what they are eating, whether they should or can be exercising. Feelings of anxiety and depression can also take root.

Reducing stress, utilizing coping tools and leverage mindfulness and meditation programs can help alleviate stress. A reduction in stress and an increase in coping tools can help improve quality of life during fertility treatments as well as outcomes. Everything included in this package is designed to help you feel more in control of your mind and body.

These evidence-based guides provide in-depth, step-by-step plans that will help support you through the entire IVF process, including egg retrieval, fresh and frozen embryo transfers. Based on the latest fertility and women’s health research, this guide contains simple, nourishing meal plans, safe exercise options, and mental well-being tools to support you – mind and body – through an IVF protocol. You will also receive a bonus Retrieval and Transfer Recipe Package for additional support!

The IVF program includes:

  • 4 Week Meal Plan + Bonus Retrieval & Transfer Recipe Package:
    • Detailed step by step weekly meal plans & grocery lists with Nutritional Diary to help you stay on course
    • Easy to follow, scalable recipes that can be used to nourish the whole family
    • Specific foods that focus on your individual needs during an IVF retrieval and subsequent embryo transfer (fresh or frozen)
    • Substitutions for allergies, food aversions, and cravings
    • Plant-based complete meal plan to use for vegans*, vegetarians, or those wishing to include more plant-based meals on occasion
    • Supplementation advice
    • BONUS: supplemental recipes to provide additional support during your egg retrieval and then subsequent embryo transfer
  • Exercise Calendar:
    • Workouts specifically designed to help you safely incorporate exercise and movement throughout your IVF cycle
    • Customizable schedule to follow your unique menstrual cycle + workout tracker to help keep you accountable!
    • Easy to follow plans with full-length exercise videos to keep you motivated
    • Modifications available for all exercises to work with all fitness levels and physical restrictions
  • Mental Wellbeing Support
    • Guided visualizations to support your IVF journey
    • Meditation support
    • Access to a private Facebook Group to connect with others on the same journey
    • BONUS: included in your package is a supplemental guide – What To Expect Before, During, and After IVF to help prepare you for what to expect during an IVF cycle

*Plant-based meal plan does include some recipes with eggs, however, those can be easily substituted out to make the plan vegan